Travel Booking

Concur’s online travel booking tool offers you the latest technology for simple and straightforward travel booking. Concur’s solution empowers you to make the best travel choices based on your individual likes and dislikes, as well as your company travel policy. Using Concur, you can quickly and simultaneously book local and international flights, rental cars and hotels from a single Web application.

Select from a range of travel options

Concur gives you access to a wide range of travel options and availability. It uses information from:

  • Multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
  • Direct-connects
  • Low-cost carriers
  • Local rail providers such as SNCF, Deutsche Bahn and thetrainline
  • Corporate discounts
  • Internet-only fares

This allows you to make smart decisions on the travel you book.

Brochure: Concur Premier - Travel
Whitepaper: Travel & Entertainment Expense Management

Organise and share travel information

TripIt Pro is a trip management solution that acts like a personal travel assistant that integrates with Concur’s travel booking tool. After your business trip is booked, managing all the trip details – from air, hotel, dining reservations and more – can be time consuming and with the TripIt integration to Concur’s travel booking tool, you can keep all of your trip information in one place plus view maps, directions and more. The premium services of TripIt Pro give you all the benefits of TripIt plus it automatically provides flight alerts, lets you view alternate flight options, tracks frequent traveler point programmes, and allows automated trip sharing.

Integrate your travel policy

Concur can be tailored specifically to your travel policy and your preferred travel suppliers. You have complete control over:

  • The travel that is booked
  • The type of travel that is booked
  • The cost of the travel that is booked
  • The preferred supplier to be used to provide travel

Reduce you booking fees

Concur reduces your reliance on travel agent-assisted reservations, and cuts your travel booking fees.

Want a solution for your mobile device?

View your complete travel itinerary for your business trip, on your smartphone or your mobile device. Concur’s mobile application is available for all major mobile platforms; iPhone® or iPad®, Android™ and BlackBerry® devices, at no extra cost.

Cloud computing with mobile capabilities

With Concur’s mobile app, travellers have immediate access to their travel itineraries making it easy and convenient to access the information or to make changes on the fly. With up-to-the-second flight status details such as delays and cancellations, departure gates or times and quick links to check-in online from the mobile app – the whole experience will lighten your travels. 

Aberdeen Group, Managing the T&E Lifecycle: Integrating Processes, Driving Performance, Sept. 2008

Flexible Implementation

Concur offers a range of implementation options depending on your organisation’s requirements.

Time-saving direct inventory access

Once travel is completed, participating travel suppliers deliver complete electronic folio data in the form of electronic receipts (e-receipts) directly into the corporate traveller’s expense claim.

Save your money and cut nasty travel booking fees

With user-friendly tools, Concur increases adoption and reduces reliance on travel agents which can cut travel booking fees by as much as 79 percent per transaction.* That amount of savings could go straight to the bottom line.

Increase your visibility with powerful analysis and reporting

Concur offers reporting tools that provide clear insight into how your company and employees spend their travel and expense budgets. On-demand tools make it quick and easy to track preferred supplier use, present business travel data and analyse overall spending for forecasts and driving down costs.

Use a Preferred Supplier

Concur can be configured to use all your preferred suppliers. If you do not have a preferred supplier, data produced by Concur gives you the information you need to negotiate with suppliers. (This information can also be used to ensure that you are receiving the rates that you negotiated.)

Want an expense software solution too?

Travel booking together with Concur’s automated expense reporting tool gives you one complete end-to-end travel and expense solution.