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IDC White Paper: Exploring the benefits of modern invoice... PREMIUM
IDC White Paper: Exploring the benefits of modern invoice solutions The Business Value of Concur Invoice, a new white paper by IDC, sponsored by Concur, explores the costs and benefits of Concur Invoice. Learn how Concur customers are seeing a 505% ROI in the first year and improving invoice management processes by: Delivering intuitive end-user...
5 Steps to Strategic Spend Management PREMIUM
All CFOs are concerned with how their company is spending its money. However, this is of particular concern for CFOs of small to mid-size businesses who need to manage their cash flow effectively to survive. To survive and maintain a competitive advantage, companies need to be strategic in their spending and identify ways to invest wisely to meet current demands and fuel growth for...
Is Your Travel & Expense Solution Disconnected? PREMIUM
Can your current expense, travel and invoice solution keep up with today’s traveller? Your employees have more purchasing options than ever, which makes visibility into company spend even more challenging. That’s why you need an integrated solution across expense, travel, and invoice. Top-rated mobile apps and browser-based tools Easy-to-use solutions increase...
T&E Integration: from source to back office - how do the... PREMIUM
All companies have travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses and the challenges and issues in managing them are the same regardless of size. However, the question remains as to whether size matters when it comes to managing these expenses. Are smaller companies more efficient, or do size and scale help when it comes to integration of the T&E solution with other systems? Where does the...
Travel Manager's Dilemma: Balancing Company Needs and... PREMIUM
This report examines the plight of the beleaguered travel manager, who is caught in the middle of juggling the company's mandates for cost reduction, risk and duty-of-care management, and the traveller's demands.    Although leaders are likely to have policies in place, there is a lot of room for improvements.To get ahead, travel managers must upgrade their...
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Digitize your T&E to run more efficiently: A checklist for... PREMIUM
What could you achieve with a faster expense reporting process? The digital era has changed modern finance. Today’s modern finance leader needs to not only offer T&E tools employees want to use, but also get big-picture data analytics to successfully improve the bottom line. Discover how you can cut staff time...
More savings and reduced risk when ERP meets T&E
The digital economy connects individuals, industries and information – and can potentially improve how work gets done – but the moving parts need to be connected. As a financial leader and SAP customer, you can take command with Concur’s T&E that directly synchs with your ERP platform. In fact, as the world’s leading T&E technology...
The True Cost of an Invoice Solution - How cloud automation...
Managing cash flow with manual invoice processing is draining your business of time, money and resources. Spreadsheets, multiple data entries, lost emails, piles of paper, unclear approval processes—they all get in the way of having good data.   Fortunately, there’s a better way to manage invoices that allows your business to spend less time processing data and more...
Taking the Pain out of Accounts Payable Management - An... PREMIUM
It can be intimidating to rework an out-of-date invoice policy or create one for the first time. This whitepaper makes it easy, with tips on the important things to think about and an example that clearly shows how to do it. Creating a policy on managing, storing and retaining documentation can be time-consuming, but in the absence of a policy, organizations are in the wilderness...
Case Study: Morling & Co/Concur Advisor Program
Learn how one Advisor has had "game-changing" results implementing Concur for both the firm and their clients.
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The SAP Concur Platform – Travel, Expense and Invoice

Travel, expense and invoice management are all part of the SAP Concur platform. Alone, these solutions can help you increase visibility, improve compliance and cut costs. But when you bring everything together, the benefits are even greater.   Truly connected spend management. The Concur platform is designed to make employee spend simple, compliant and transparent. The power of the platform is what truly sets us – and our customers – apart.

Integrated Travel & Expense Overview

When it comes to business travel and expense, integration means everything. With Concur, your business travel and expenses are integrated providing you with a better user experience, more accurate data, and richer reporting to help you make better decisions. Increase policy control while saving time and money. The Concur travel solution works with any travel management company, corporate credit card provider, or GDS. Our travel booking tool provides in-policy global travel content that is easily accessible and always available from anywhere in the world. Travelers have a broad selection of travel choices based on corporate policy and individual traveler preferences.

Concur Invoice

Concur's invoice management solution streamlines invoice processing, helping you dramatically reduce costs and gain greater control over accounts payable. The average cost of manually processing a single invoice is 23 dollars. Concur can help you reduce this cost by more than 80%, to just 4 dollars. Concur Invoice helps you get invoices into your system quickly and easily. You'll avoid late payments and see your spending clearly.

A look around Concur Expense

Concur integrates corporate travel booking with expense tracking, giving you a better user experience, more accurate data and richer reporting. Intuitive, web-based, and mobile tools help you complete your expense reports quickly and accurately. With just one click, Concur begins building your expense report. Your travel itinerary, car charges and supplier e-receipts are automatically entered.

Automated and easy to use, Concur Expense helps you manage the expense process from beginning to end, with a better user experience, accurate data, and rich reporting. Intuitive web-based and mobile tools help you complete your expense reports quickly and accurately. 

Beyond Accounts Payable Automation: Managing Company Spend

How does your company spend money? Through POs? P-cards? Corporate Cards? Non PO-invoices? 

Chances are, it’s a mix of most of the above… which makes spend difficult to see, control and analyze.  Watch this video to see how Concur connects all of your spending and makes it easy to manage no matter how or where it happens.

• Optimize and control spending
• Reduce costs
• Avoid late, duplicate and over-payments
• Save time
• Drive compliance
• Improve financial reporting
• Remove Accounts Payable process inefficiencies

AP automation consistently pays off in time and cost savings. However, organizations can go even further by tapping into spend management benefits. Watch to see how easy it is to maximize the value of every dollar your company spends. 

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WEBINAR: Is your business ready for AP Automation? PREMIUM
Learn how connecting your vendor invoices to all your business spending in a single system provides transparency, visibility and control. See how Concur Invoice allows you to manage the invoice process more easily than ever.  The presentation will cover: The current state of accounts payable How
Creating Harmony for Travelers and Travel Managers PREMIUM

In this on-demand webinar, you'll hear from a panel of industry experts on the challenge of providing business travelers the flexibility they want while maintaining the control and visibility needed to run a highly efficient managed travel program.

Concur Weekly Webinar PREMIUM
Attend our webinar to see a product demonstration of Concur travel & expense.
The Definitive Guide to Travel and Expense Management... PREMIUM
The Aberdeen Group explains the necessary components for building a travel and expense management solution selection program, building an effective team and understanding the technology landscape of travel and expense. Also hear a Concur client case study from White Construction and learn how they embarked on their T&E solution selection journey. Duration: 60 mins.

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Zarlink Case Study - French Canadian
Easy to use global solution helps client increase efficiency resulting in bottom line savings.
Étude de cas OPG
Étude de cas OPG
Étude de cas Pentax
Étude de cas Pentax
Ontario Power Generation Case Study
Toronto-based Ontario Power Generation (OPG) finance staff process more than 60,000 expense reports annually. They were able to achieve an 18 percent reduction in travel spend in the first year.
Zarlink Case Study
Easy to use global solution helps client increase efficiency resulting in bottom line savings.
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The Expense Management Opportunity in Canada
How are employee expenses managed in Canada?  Northstar Research Partners asked Canadian finance decision-makers about their expense management process.  In this infographic see: •             What the current levels of expense management automation...
The Business Value of Concur Invoice - Infographic
IDC projects that for a five-year period, these organizations will achieve benefits worth a discounted average of $2.75 million ($54,647 per 1,000 invoices) and a return on investment (ROI) of 505% IDC’s study has revealed that since implementing Concur Invoice, the surveyed organizations have made their invoice management processes more efficient and effective. With Concur...
Making the Move to Accounts Payable Automation - Why...
  Our 2017 survey of Canadian finance decision makers found that 80% of Canadian businesses have already made the move to partial or full Accounts Payable automation, and are enjoying all the benefits automation has to offer, including faster invoice payments, improved accuracy and increased...
Top Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation
Why Canadian businesses aren’t looking back Canadian businesses of all sizes have begun the move to full AP automation, and for good reason. Find out which benefits were cited most often by finance decision makers who have already made the switch to automated supplier invoice management, plus what survey...
AP Automation in Canada
How does your business compare? Our recent survey of financial decision makers has shown that an increasing number of Canadian businesses have begun the process of automating their Accounts Payable tasks. Find out how your business compares by downloading our
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AMI-Partners Study: Elevate Business Performance and Better... PREMIUM
In the ever-evolving business landscape, managing company spend has become progressively more challenging for financial decision makers. Increasing mobile work forces, and an expanding number of vendors and invoices mean more transactions to track and manage. Automating expense, travel and invoicing is a sure way to gain a precise picture of how money is flowing through an organization....
IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Travel & Expense Management Apps... PREMIUM
IDC provides an assessment of the leading SaaS and cloud-enabled travel and expense software solutions and discusses the criteria that are most important for companies to consider when selecting a system. This year, IDC ranked SAP Concur as the market leader in travel and expense solutions. "With cloud penetration approaching 85%, travel and expense apps have become an effective first step...
GBTA Report: Travel Programs: Challenges, Priorities and... PREMIUM
A new study from the GBTA Foundation, in partnership with Concur, explores the priorities and challenges corporate travel programs face today as direct booking becomes increasingly popular for travellers. As supplier incentives, mobile apps, and a preference for self-service increase, business travellers are booking travel directly – and travel managers are finding they need to...
Getting Better Mileage Out Of Your Travel, Expense, And... PREMIUM
Expense, Travel and Invoice management is something that every company must manage. Whether it’s employees’ travel, expenses or invoices, it’s important that companies can manage and process expenses in a timely manner. However, this can be difficult as manual processes and limited tools often bog down the process and inhibit efficiency. The root causes for poor expense, travel, and invoice...
From Manual to Mobile - Speeding Business Success for SMBs PREMIUM
This report by SMB Group's Laurie McCabe, sponsored by Concur, dives deeper into one of SMB Group's "Top 10 SMB Technology Trends", which discusses how mobile momentum continues, but mobile management lags.    Generational shifts, the rise of the remote workforce and the growth of the gig economy are reshaping the workforce and our definition of the workplace. Today’s...