Concur Detect by Oversight

Use AI and machine learning to automatically analyze expense reports, speed up the auditing process, and resolve issues before reimbursement happens.

Automate for greater accuracy, more visibility, and increased efficiency

Anyone who audits expense reports manually knows how slow, exhausting, and error-prone the process can be. Concur Detect simplifies this by automatically reviewing expense and receipt data to identify fraud, mistakes, and policy violations.

  • Gain visibility into spend data
  • Drive policy and regulatory compliance
  • Spend more time on strategic tasks
  • Reimburse employees more quickly

Two unique approaches

Delivering unique outcomes for your specific business needs.

Concur Detect by AppZen

  • Monitor excessive or inappropriate spending with pre-payment analysis
  • Get third-party data to confirm expenses and adhere to policies
  • Identify suspicious attendee validation for FCPA and healthcare transparency

Concur Detect by Oversight

  • Analyze spending and find suspicious activity before and after payment
  • Address and control out-of-policy spending and create a culture of compliance
  • Risk prioritization and root cause identification to drive greater audit efficiency

The value of AI and machine learning in Concur Detect

Here are a few of the many ways that advanced technology in Concur Detect can make the auditing process more accurate, efficient, and effective.

Uncover valuable data

AI and machine learning collect detailed expense data through automated receipt extraction, translation, deep learning, and natural-language processing.

Let auditors focus on high-risk issues

Automatically approve low-risk expense reports and let auditors focus solely on resolving reports where issues are found.

Eliminate manual processes and save time

With AI making decisions, organizations can eliminate mundane tasks like expense report approvals and reimburse employees faster.

Dig deep to validate receipts

By cross-checking expense information against public and private databases, AI can quickly confirm if a transaction is valid and uncover policy violations.

Improve employee accountability

Bring hard-to-find data to the surface and identify employees who routinely spend out of policy.

Discern between fraud and honest mistakes

Track errors and incidents of fraud closely so you can tell the difference between intentional misuse and accidents.

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