There are more risks than ever. Are you ready to protect your employees and business?

Travel and expense risks can greatly impact your employees – and your bottom line. Our intelligent technology and compliance experience can help your business mitigate risks and drive efficiency.

How can you take control of risk and ensure compliance, in a complex world?

Every day the number of risks finance has to protect against keeps growing. Thankfully, there are new tools to help mitigate these threats. Automation, centralized data and audit services to transform your organization’s expense, travel, and invoice processes.

SAP Concur intelligent and predictive processes help bring control through:

  • Greater visibility in travel booking and employee spend
  • Ease of use and productivity gains for employees and finance teams
  • Built-in custom policies to reduce non-compliance

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Expense risk: can you track and verify all the ways your employees' spend today?

There are more spend categories and payment methods than ever before – increasing the chance of policy violations. Without the right tools it’s hard to detect. Learn about how SAP Concur solutions can help.

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Compliance can be difficult, but non-compliance can be costly

With complex rules and regulations around business conduct and data security, global compliance can be costly. But non-compliance could cost you more. Learn about our Intelligent Audit.

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Mistakes, fraud, and the impact on your company’s cash flow

Visibility is vital to cash flow. However, reporting inaccuracies and potential fraud make projecting balances challenging. See how intelligent technology can help and learn about Concur Invoice solutions.

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Inaccurate travel mileage reporting costs more than you think

Self-reported mileage is inefficient and leaves room for guesstimating or padding. See how manual logging is giving way to GPS enabled tracking to reduce risk and ensure compliance. Learn about Concur Drive.

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Traveller Safety: the rising importance of protecting your travellers

In today’s world, not being able to track and support your travellers can quickly grow from an inconvenience to something far more serious. Learn about our Duty of Care solutions.

Duty of Care