Capture, process, and pay your accounts payable with Concur Invoice

Your AP team’s day-to-day doesn’t have to be so challenging and tedious. Automation is the solution.

Save time and money while accelerating your invoice processing

On average, Canadian finance teams save $52,000 annually when using Concur Invoice to:

  • Capture invoices digitally with mobile app
  • Automatically process, approve and pay invoices
  • Integrate AP data with ERP and accounting systems
  • Generate reports for near real-time visibility of cash flow

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Capture: Eliminate paper and accelerate processing

With Invoice Capture you can eliminate tedious data entry, improve accuracy, and accelerate invoice turnaround times:

  • Use OCR technology to digitize vendor name, date, PO number, etc.
  • Identify errors and duplicated invoices
  • Automatically route invoice for approval and payment

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Process: Optimize your AP workflow

Concur Invoice is flexible enough to accommodate each customer’s unique invoice management workflow. Wondering what efficiencies your company could gain with automation?

  • Read a report by AMI-Partner on the ‘Before and After’ experiences of over 500 businesses
  • Download our handy AP Buyer’s Guide

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Pay: Automate employee and vendor payments

Ensure accurate and timely vendor payments and employee reimbursements. With the Payment Solutions feature, you can:

  • Reduce or eliminate errors from manual intervention
  • Integrate the invoice and expense payment process
  • Ensure predictable payments with third-party payment partner integration

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SAP Concur solutions can help more efficiently manage your spend

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Expand your Concur Invoice solution with add-on tools

Future-proof your investment with specialized tools that can be added onto your Concur Invoice solution as your needs evolve.

Three Way Match:
Quickly spot errors and exceptions

With the Three-Way Match feature, your business can effortlessly:

  • Gain visibility into exceptions, mismatches, and spend
  • Avoid duplicate payments and late fees
  • Reduce manual data entry and eliminate errors
  • Automate and accelerate invoice turnaround times
  • Give staff more time for strategic tasks

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Purchase Request:
Control spend before it happens

Reduce fraud and put an end to rogue spending by placing a much-needed step between purchase desire and decision. Advantages of Purchase Request include:

  • Authorize, reject, and get notifications via the SAP Concur mobile app
  • Ensure use of approved vendors
  • Create a clear audit trail

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Discover why over 48,000 businesses choose SAP Concur solutions

83% of users give our solutions 4 or 5 stars

Check out user reviews from around the world and find out why SAP Concur solutions is the leading brand for travel, expense, and invoice management.

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Customer experience: Canaccord Genuity

With multiple locations and 900 financial services staff across Canada, Canaccord Genuity was looking for a spend management solution that could scale with their needs as they grew. They gained all that and more with Concur Invoice and our integrated SAP Concur solutions platform.

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We help Canadian businesses run better

If you’re a business leader in search of better ways to control spend and maximize operational efficiencies, all without compromising performance, then your search ends with SAP Concur solutions. Our latest video explains why.

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