About SAP Concur

There must be a better way. This thought launched SAP Concur 25 years ago and spurs our innovation today.

It began with the realization that there must be a better way to manage business expenses.

A better way than employees stuffing paper receipts into an envelope and manually entering each expense onto a spreadsheet. A better way than Finance transferring expense data to accounting systems by hand. By automating the expense management process, SAP Concur would make expense reporting a whole lot easier for employees and get them reimbursed faster. At the same time, we would help companies save time and money.

But more could be done for business. What if companies could “see” expenses even before they happen? SAP Concur connected travel and expense, allowing organizations to get a new level of visibility into spending – before, during and after the trip was completed.

We weren’t finished. With the rise of mobile devices and apps, customers wanted the same simple and powerful experiences they enjoy as consumers. For instance, what if travellers could expense a latte through their smartphone app, discarding the receipt? What if travel managers could receive a single itinerary for all of a traveller’s bookings, no matter how they were booked? What if expense reports could write themselves as a trip unfolds? What if the same effortless experience could extend to invoice processing, too?

We’ve continued to innovate to improve the experiences of business travellers, travel managers and finance leaders.

Today, SAP Concur is the world’s leading provider of integrated travel and expense management services and solutions. On the web, on a smartphone or on a tablet, our cloud-based solutions deliver an effortless experience for employees and total transparency into spending, helping organizations of all sizes, industries and locations run better. We can help yours run better, too.