Cirque du Soleil

How Cirque du Soleil uses expense automation to ensure the show always goes on.

Digitizing and automating spend – like employee expenses, supplier invoices and travel – is one of the most decisive actions your business can take to ensure future growth and resilience. Take it from one of the biggest live entertainment companies in the world, Cirque du Soleil. Before embracing and incorporating SAP Concur solutions, Cirque du Soleil’s back-end processes were a network of complexities and manual touchpoints: from recording accruals, to processing expense reports and month end close.

With a staff of nearly 4,000, including 1,150 artists from 76 countries who speak more than 35 different languages, Cirque leverages SAP Concur travel and expense management solutions to ensure they can maintain its mission of transcending languages, countries, and cultures on time and on budget. Learn how Cirque ensures its productions function with the precision of a world-class trapeze act by reading the full case study linked below.

We had people all over the world with pieces of paper exchanged through internal mail and shows moving every week. We had no choice but to look for automated solutions. We needed to simplify the process. 

Chantal Périgny - Head of Accounts Payable 






Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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