Even in our increasingly digital world, there is sometimes no substitute for being somewhere in person. The teams at Vancouver-based Ledcor know this firsthand. The highly diversified construction company builds and maintains a variety of sites across North America, ranging from oil and gas projects to forestry to communications infrastructure. It also provides specialized marine and aviation transportation services. For Ledcor, business travel to these various project sites is absolutely essential. With thousands of employees travelling every week, implementing a simpler, digital solution for managing air travel and hotel bookings was crucial – especially when a global challenge hit.

This case study reviews how SAP Concur helped Ledcor keep essential travel moving, increase compliance and support a culture of safety.

“Travel is essential to our business continuity. Even during a pandemic, work can’t stop. Concur Travel and Expense helps us do it easily and safely”

– Bertie Fernandas, Corporate Travel Manager, Ledcor




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Vancouver, British Columbia


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