The time savings from automating expenses pay off for BrettYoung

A family-owned seed company established in 1934, BrettYoung proves that you don’t need to have hundreds or thousands of employees to harvest a lot of value from automating expenses. In 2012, BrettYoung switched from an internal spreadsheet solution to Concur Expense and hasn’t looked back. 

Why BrettYoung calls working with Concur an “awesome experience”: 

  • Smooth implementation and fast adoption across the organization
  • Significant time savings at every level – employees, managers and accounting
  • Faster, deeper visibility into spend
  • More current and meaningful reports that can be customized easily

“What used to take employees half a day every cycle now takes them as little as fifteen minutes. Even our most active travellers need less than an hour to prepare an expense report. They love it!”

- Gisèle Gratton, Assistant Controller






Winnipeg, Manitoba


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