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ABM Integrated Solutions finds more time to thrive .

For more than 40 years, ABM Integrated Solutions has helped its customers grow their businesses through better technology. “We’ve seen the market change, so we’ve evolved along with it,” says Greg MacDonald, a longtime chartered accountant and ABM’s corporate controller. However, the IT service provider and consultancy’s expense management system didn’t align with the rest of its evolution – a fact MacDonald quickly discovered after joining the firm and decided to fix with the help of SAP Concur.

The move to SAP Concur has meant that fewer expenses are falling through the cracks. With its previous system, ABM’s team was able capture and rebill clients about 50 per cent of expenses in time to meet customer deadlines, but since moving to Concur, that’s jumped to over 90 per cent. ABM’s finance team now has a more accurate picture of the company’s cash flow from month-to-month and can integrate expense information more easily into existing accounting software.

This case study reviews how SAP Concur helped ABM move from a paper-based expense process into an automated workflow with enhanced visibility and put time back in the hand of employees to focus on what matters most --- transforming their business and the businesses of their clients.

“Most times, when you’re looking at new software, it’s a big implementation, but this was simple. What Concur does for us is what some large companies work on internally for years and still cannot do.” – Greg MacDonald, Corporate Controller, ABM Integrated Solutions


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