SAP Concur and Wall Street Journal Podcast: Driving Business Growth

When you have better visibility into your company's spend data, you can see the path to growth. Find out how new expense-management tools can boost revenue, business opportunities and employee satisfaction.

SAP Concur and Wall Street Journal Podcast: Seeing the Unseen

Fraud isn't an accounting problem, it's a human problem. Find out how human and artificial intelligence are combining to help companies combat fraud, along with waste and errors, in employee expenses.

SAP Concur and Wall Street Journal Podcast: A Robot Completed My Expense Report

For travellers, expense reports can be a time-consuming chore. For employers, they're potential sources of fraud and waste. The good news: AI-driven tech is helping companies accurately capture expenses in near-real time.

SAP Concur and Wall Street Journal Podcast: Traveller Safety

It's 10 p.m., and your employee is alone in an unfamiliar city. Do you have that business traveller's back? In this episode of the Intelligent Business podcast, learn how to address key risk areas around traveler safety.

SAP Concur and Wall Street Journal Podcast: A Shifting Landscape

Listen to the first of five podcast episodes from the new series, The Intelligent Business. SAP Concur partnered with The Wall Street Journal to discuss topics ranging from keeping travellers safe with innovative tools to bots completing expense reports.

The Cost of Doing Nothing: What the Status Quo of T&E Could be Costing You

Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the spend management challenges facing your organization, discuss what the status quo may be costing you and explore the key trends disrupting the business landscape that you can’t afford to ignore.

Scale Finance to Drive Business Growth with SAP Concur Solutions

SAP Concur solutions help finance leaders grow their business - by integrating and automating travel, expense, and invoice processes. You can free finance from mundane tasks, gain full spending visibility and control, and scale finance to drive business growth and become an intelligent enterprise.

Intelligently scale finance to drive small and midsize business growth

Watch the video to see how you can grow your SMB with SAP Concur solutions by integrating and automating travel, expense, and invoice processes for greater insight and control over spending. 

SAP Concur Connected Spend Management Solution

You can't fully control spend until you see all of your spend.

If your business is still relying on paper or digital spreadsheets to track spend and make intelligent business decisions, it’s time to get better connected. The following video provides a quick look at how connected spend management solutions from SAP Concur can help. 

Learn how Concur Expense, Concur Invoice, and Concur Travel can take you beyond automation with near real-time visibility into spend, no matter where it happens, and by translating your spend data into actionable insights unique to your business.

SAP Concur Solutions: Improve Compliance and Reduce Risk for Expense, Travel, and Invoice Processes

Discover how SAP Concur solutions empower finance leaders to control employee spend, improve compliance, and reduce risk by bringing intelligent to expense, travel, and invoice processes.