Morguard meets its great expectations

Morguard, a fully integrated real estate and asset management company, manages $21.6 billion in assets across North America. As a company with a lot on the go they needed a clearer picture into a key internal area: employee expenses. Just a few years ago, Morguard had a spreadsheet-based system that required manual entries, paper receipts and slow approvals. The need for change became clear when the company introduced a new corporate credit card program which drove the volume of work for the finance team to unmanageable heights. Now with SAP Concur, Morguard has better visibility, an automated workflow, and deeper data integration — all of which allows for greater cash flow management and accurate reporting to stakeholders.

This case study explores how SAP Concur helped Morguard give time back to their employees and to their finance team, while gaining greater compliance, efficiency and accuracy for the business.

Whether you’re publicly traded or private, you have stakeholders with expectations. The introduction of technology and automation solutions go a long way to creating efficiency, visibility and integrity.”

– Phyllis Gleason, Controller, Cash Management, Morguard


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Mississauga, Ontario


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