Meeting New Employee Expectations

As your business navigates recovery from the pandemic, one thing is certain- engaged employees will be the fuel that moves you forward. They were the key to your resilience then, and they will help you reinvent the business now as you shift to the future of work. Whatever it may be.   

While you ponder how to make hybrid work a reality, your employees are growing restless. Their priorities have changed along with their expectations. According to an Accenture study, 78% of employees now strongly believe that employers are responsible for their job satisfaction and well-being.1 They are looking for greater diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the workplaces and visibility into what your organization is doing to make it happen.  

Employee experience spans every touchpoint across the organization, including interactions with people, processes, and technology. Travel, expense, and invoice management is one example that typically affects a large proportion of employees and has a reputation for being time consuming and difficult. Only 26% of executives say they are effective at processing, approving and reimbursing travel and expense reports.2 Reimaging your travel, expense, and invoice management experience, considering employees’ needs first, is one way to improve your overall employee experience.   

In this whitepaper, SAP Concur and Accenture experts discuss new employee expectations and share tips on building a better experience for employees and finance teams. Download it today.   


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