CFO Insights: How Talent Management Can Drive Financial Opportunity

talent management can fuel financial success

Despite reports of layoffs across many industries, talent hiring, and retention still dominate finance leaders’ agendas worldwide, along with investing in growth and controlling costs in response to near-term economic challenges.  

As a finance leader, you are most likely already seeing the impact of this workforce trend in your financial reports. Low satisfaction drives down productivity, leading to low morale that can quickly pull your organization into a downward spiral of missed financial targets and stagnating growth. 

In this edition of CFO Insights, we discussed with finance leaders worldwide how talent management can fuel financial success. These are 3 core areas that leading CFOs recommend exploring: 

  • Weight business costs and benefits beyond the balance sheet.  

  • Consider DE&I as a contributor to financial performance. 

  • Help employees secure their physical and mental health and safety.   

“All topics around an inclusive and diverse employee experience ultimately impact finance and vice versa. From refining compensation packages to implementing travel and expense policies, finance leaders are responsible for guiding the business on how to achieve the right balance between costs and benefits of the business and the employee. “ – Peter Habelitz, CFO, Cycas Hospitality BV 

Download the paper to learn more about best practices fueled by research and insights from CFOs at SAP and other businesses.