Automated and evolved—stop the AP paper chase

According to a recent survey, more than half Accounts Payable (AP) departments identified migrating off paper-based systems as a top priority, and roughly one-third said their primary focus was improving processing efficiency. Implementing an automated invoice system with Concur can achieve both of these objectives simultaneously. Stop the paper chase and streamline your Accounts Payable processes.

At this point you know that manual invoice processing is costing your business in ways you might not have realized. Misplaced invoices, manual entry errors and wasted time are keeping your business from reaching its full potential and stifling your employees’ productivity. You have learned that online automation is the modern solution to invoice management and leads to:

• Happier employees
• A clear view of cash flow
• Faster processing
• Greater compliance 
• More time to focus on what matters most to your business

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