How E-receipts Make Your Business Travel Even Better

E-receipts for Business TravelHey, do you still have that hotel receipt from that business trip you took five years ago to Toronto, Ontario? Unless that receipt has a special place in your heart, it’s most likely not in your or your company’s scrapbook (rather, it is most likely taking up space in the company archives: the file drawers). We all know what it’s like to track paper receipts (mini-stapler anyone?) and we’ve all wasted time inputting the data from the receipt to our reports in the past. Frankly, those pesky paper receipts are just not the most beloved aspect of creating and submitting expense reports.

Surely in this day and age with all the latest technological advancements that have brought us hover crafts, jet packs, and time machines, there’s something afoot that would make this situation better. As a matter of fact, there is. Enter… the e-receipt. What’s an e-receipt, you may ask? It’s the electronic version of your receipt – delivered straight from the supplier – that uploads seamlessly and easily into your expense report. You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to put it in your manila folder labeled “trip receipts.”  You don’t have to go back to your office, or sit on the plane, inputting those little details like room taxes and parking charges. The work is already done for you. We know. Read it again. It’s that cool.

When you book your business travel with one of Concur’s exclusive e-receipt partners, all you’ll have to track are your agenda items for that meeting in Toronoto. And when you’re ready to head home, by the time the desk clerk says, “Have a safe trip,” your receipt has already gone on a fabulous e-journey of its own… straight to your expense report.

That means that if you book all your travel using suppliers that deliver e-receipts, and use your corporate card to pay for everything, there will be a great big hole in your post-trip life where the drudgery of your expense report used to be. And we mean that in a good way!

A list of our e-receipt partners, for your modern day traveling ease:



  • Aer Lingus
  • Air Canada
  • AirTran
  • Interjet
  • Southwest
  • Virgin Blue

Rental Cars

  • Avis/Budget
  • Enterprise
  • Hertz
  • National/Alamo


  • Choice Hotels
  • Hilton
  • Intercontinental Hotel Group
  • La Quinta
  • Marriott
  • Starwood

Ground Transportation

  • Ridecharge
  • Taxi Magic

Heck, an expense report doesn’t need to be painful, cumbersome or loathed. Who has time for that? It’s just a report, right? The e-receipt: it’s just one way we’re helping to take away the frustration of the expense report.

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