Finance staff time spent processing expense reports reduced from hours to minutes.

As a global technology leader, Zarlink Semiconductors, Inc. headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, selects the best market-leading solutions to satisfy its own technology needs. Four years ago, Zarlink replaced an online expense management and reporting tool that was not meeting their needs with Concur, and never looked back.

Why Zarling Prefers Concur:

  • Finance staff hours devoted to uploading expense reports for processing have been dramatically reduced from four hours weekly to 15 minutes.
  • Flexible reporting capabilities enable departments to customize reports.
  • A uniform system of expense reporting keeps accounting operations efficient.
  • Integration of travel policies, travel booking and billing, and expense reporting has significantly boosted compliance.
  • Time savings equal cost savings.

Concur would bring great benefit to any organization of any size,” says Ahmad. “Tremendous ease of use and flexibility save a lot of time. Saving time reduces costs and boosts the bottom line, and that’s key for every company.

-Naeem Ahmad, Global Administrator for Corporate Travel, Zarlink






Ottawa, Ontario

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