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Travel booking fees have been reduced by 40%.

Since 1873, Unisys has been introducing technology services and solutions to organizations around the world. As one of the top ten full-service IT outsourcers in the world, Unisys is recognized as a high tech industry leader. Implementing high-tech solutions to deliver enhanced business processes to clients is the Unisys mission, and, in keeping with that mission, the organization wanted to implement an on-demand corporate travel-booking solution to help them manage business travel spend. By moving to an on-demand travel booking solution, Unisys has reduced travel booking fees by more than 40 percent and realized significant cost avoidance on air spend. Best-in-class adoption rates have been maintained since implementing Concur.

Why Unisys Prefers Concur:

  • Greater visibility into reporting and compliance.
  • Travel booking fees reduced by more than 40%.
  • Significant cost avoidance from utilization of lower airfares.
  • Sustained adoption rate exceeding 90%.
  • Broad access to global travel content.
  • Improved utilization of preferred suppliers and negotiated rates.

Concur presents the whole market situation and allows the traveler to select the most appropriate flight with the cheapest ticket … Travelers make smart decisions with Concur, leading to improved policy compliance and lower costs.

-Serge Bacchus, European Travel Manager


Blue Bell, PA


Concur Travel

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