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How The Tech Interactive's use of SAP Concur Solutions Allowed for a Seamless Transition to Remote Work

The Tech Interactive, a hands-on science center in the heart of Silicon Valley, was faced with manual expense reporting and a cumbersome invoice process. By adopting cloud-based SAP Concur solutions, the Tech Interactive's back office was able to move to an electronic invoice process while its employees gained the ability to file expense reports on the go.

As The Tech shifted to creating virtual exhibits during the COVID-19 pandemic, having SAP Concur solutions in place provided flexibility for its workforce and allowed its AP department to seamlessly transition to remote work.

We've realized not everything has to happen on site. Some things should, but some things can happen offsite, especially when you're in a nonprofit. But with SAP Concur solutions, the stuff that can happen remotely can be done from anywhere.

-Brandon Lewke, Controller, The Tech Interactive






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