Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank drives sustainability with SAP Concur solutions

At Standard Chartered Bank, the rollout of SAP Concur solutions is part of Project Aspire, the company’s financial transformation effort. In preparing for the implementation of the SAP Concur platform, the company dramatically simplified T&E policies, taking 67 pages of legalese and condensing down to a simple two-pager with easy-to-understand principles.

In addition, SAP Concur technologies allow Standard Chartered Bank to make sustainability real. The company uses functionality within Concur User Assistant by WalkMe to deliver pop-up messages to advise employees of their carbon impact when booking flights.


Our spend visibility has dramatically improved with the implementation of SAP Concur. We now have the capability to forecast flight costs, hotel, and sundry expenses and adjust guidelines accordingly to meet business objectives.

-Warren Forgas, Chief Operating Officer, Supply Chain Management, Standard Chartered Bank






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