Rust-Oleum Corporation

Expense reporting time down by 12 hours a week.

Rust-Oleum Corporation is a worldwide leader in protective paints and coatings for both home and commercial uses. Until last year, the company used a spreadsheet-based expense template that required employees to print out their expense reports, attach receipts and mail to their manager for approval who would then have to mail to Accounts Payable. Because employees would often use expedited shipping for each report, the process was also costly. When it was time to choose expense software to replace the spreadsheet-based system, Rust-Oleum’s top priorities were ease of use, price, functionality, and investment in research and development. An American Express account holder for the last 10 years, Rust-Oleum also wanted a solution that would provide seamless integration with its corporate card. Concur beat out the competition in all areas.

Why Rust-Oleum Prefers Concur:

  • Improved data that allows for negotiating better vendor pricing.
  • Improved expense tracking to monitor employee spending.
  • Transparency of data to quickly and easily identify fraud.

“As you continue to work with the tool, there’s less and less you have to do … It’s seamless. It’s quick. It’s easy.”

-Jennifer Scuglik, Director of Treasury






Vernon Hills, IL


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