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Plymouth Rock Assurance Improves Efficiency, Visibility and Streamlines Its Expense Reimbursement Process with SAP Concur

Plymouth Rock Assurance is a company on the move—continually going above and beyond to take care of its property and casualty insurance customers, as well as its own team of employees. At the same time, it’s a company that thrives on constant improvement—finding new ways to streamline operations, reduce steps and keep quality high.

That quest is what lead Plymouth Rock’s finance leaders to start looking at ways to digitize a very cumbersome, paper-based expense reimbursement process back in 2013.

At the time, if an employee wanted to submit a reimbursement request, he or she had to complete and Excel spreadsheet, print it out, staple an envelope full of receipts to the document, and send it to a designated manager for approval. From there, the request was physically routed to Accounts Payable (AP) for processing.

Not only was this workflow time consuming for everyone involved, the AP team had no real way to self-audit or confirm what they are paying without combing through reams of paper—a monumental task for a small department processing 650 requests per month. So, if a manager signed off on an expense report, it was automatically approved and paid. As a result, the year-end audit often showed discrepancies. 

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We knew we needed a less archaic, digital expense reimbursement process; one that would make it easier for everyone who was part of that lifecycle.

– Dan Bonnyman, AP Operations Supervisor, Plymouth Rock Assurance






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