Automating and integrating expense management with Concur and American Express® Travel Management Services enabled Pentax to increase visibility into their travel and entertainment (T&E) spend within a matter of months—resulting in exceptional savings.

Why Pentax prefers Concur:

  • Realized savings of $20,000 in first year with an end-to-end, single solution.
  • Compliance has improved to more than 90 percent.
  • Online and offline options provide travelers with expert support for every trip.
  • Alerts and traveler tracking keep employees safe and managers and executives informed and ready for smart, safe decisions.
  • Actionable insight—powered by 100 percent visibility—resulted in a fast, measurable ROI, coupled with superior traveler experience.

There are no surprises and there’s no guesswork. It’s smart, seamless, and—most important—cost effective.

-Stratis Tsapoitis, Financial Controller, Pentax






Ottawa, Ontario

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