Graham Construction

Building a Smarter Spend Process for Graham Construction

In 2017, Graham made the switch from an aging expense management system to Concur Expense. The company was eager to share the positive results only eight months after implementation, including:

  • Time savings for all employees, who can now submit expenses on the go and paper-free
  • Significantly fewer Purchase Orders being written, resulting in savings of as much as $200 per PO
  • Smooth implementation of Concur Expense and fast user adoption across two countries and 13 offices
  • More punctual reporting and faster reimbursements

“On the front lines, our employees now spend less time managing expenses, which means they can dedicate more time to their core roles. On the back end, expenses are now being submitted on time with more consistency and with accurate coding, saving immeasurable hours.”

-Dan Radu, Supply Chain Manager






Calgary, Alberta


Concur Expense

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