Conquest Equipment

How Concur Expense paved the way for growth at Conquest Equipment

In Estevan, Saskatchewan, Conquest Equipment has stood as a cornerstone of the construction industry for over two decades. However, as their expansion across North America continued, operational challenges emerged, particularly in financial management.

The surge in transactions and employee expenses overwhelmed Conquest's existing systems, resulting in inefficiencies and manual errors. Recognizing the need for a solution, Senior Bookkeeper Ruth Wall turned to SAP Concur. Now, after four years of using the platform, their expense management and credit card integration have been revolutionized.

Discover how Conquest Equipment overcame operational hurdles and cultivated a culture of empowerment and efficiency. As they continue to grow, they epitomize the transformative potential of technology in driving success.

“We've grown substantially in the last five years and as long as the economy stays strong, we've got a lot of potential. [...] SAP Concur has been a huge time saver, so I can't see us going any direction but forward with it.” 

- Ruth Wall, Senior Bookkeeper at Conquest Equipment






Estevan, Saskatchewan


Concur Expense

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