Code42 Software Shaves Days Off of Its Expense and Invoice Processing Times with SAP Concur

Global cybersecurity leader Code42 is committed to keeping its clients’ data protected from insider threats. To be effective, its technology and employees have to move fast to stay one step ahead of the next potential attack or careless click of the mouse that could put trade secrets at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Although the fast-growth company moved at warp speed, back in 2013, Code42’s AP department wasn’t quite as agile—hindered by an inefficient, paper-based expense process that slowed reimbursements and consumed most of the two-person department’s day.

“At the time, it was a manual process. Everything came in by email or regular mail. We had to go through each report, tally the receipts, compare it to what was entered, and re-key the data into our Intacct ERP before cutting a check,” explains Kevin Wright, accounts payable manager for Code42. “It was taking about three-and-a-half-weeks from the time we received the expense report until the time it was paid.”

At a volume of 300 reimbursement requests per month, this wasn’t a sustainable model for a small team at a growing company. Not only were employees waiting too long to recoup their money, but this paper-based system made it difficult to manage compliance or get an accurate view of expense spend. It also limited the time Wright had to spend on analysis, process improvements or other, more strategic work.

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We needed an automated, scalable solution that would speed processing, improve visibility, and enable us to export expense data directly to our general ledger—without manual intervention.

– Kevin Wright, Accounts Payable Manager, Code42






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