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We’re big fans of AP professionals. They are often the unsung heroes of a best-run company. They ensure cashflow keeps flowing by reviewing and verifying vendor invoice details, tracking what's owed to suppliers, and processing payments on time to avoid late fees. They also save their company money by spotting opportunities to negotiate better terms, not to mention keeping an eye on budgets and policy compliance so there are no surprises.

For all these reasons and more, we strive to provide AP teams with the advanced solutions, resources, insights, and training they need to excel in their role.

Here are some noteworthy examples—starting with perhaps the most obvious.

Industry-leading invoice management solutions

There are a number of reasons why our users consistently rank Concur® Invoice® as the #1 invoice management solution. For starters, Concur Invoice automates the capture, validation, and processing of invoice data using advanced AI and machine learning technologies. This frees AP teams from time-consuming manual tasks, helps to accelerate approvals and payments, and keeps costs and risk in check. Not to mention, it features our top-rated SAP Concur mobile app so employees can be more productive on-the-go.

Concur Invoice also delivers quantifiable resource savings. In a global survey of finance and IT leaders, those with Concur Invoice reported:

  • 134 hours estimated saved by finance/AP teams per week
  • $43K estimated saved on an annual basis
  • Only 7 months to see positive ROI after implementation

If you haven’t yet, make sure to take a self-guided tour of Concur Invoice and watch our video on why Concur Invoice is the AP solution your entire company is waiting for.

AP industry research and reports

We regularly partner with organizations that conduct research benefitting businesses of all types and sizes. Our sponsorship of the 2022 Accounts Payable Fraud Report by the Institute of Financial Operations & Leadership is a perfect example.

The research found that 44% of global finance teams know of someone who has been a victim of accounts payable fraud in the last three years. With remote and hybrid working as the new normal, this number is likely to only rise. The report went on to reveal the most common types of accounts payable fraud impacting today’s AP teams, how well-protected they currently feel, and their plans for improving fraud training across their companies.

Visit our Resource Centre to download this and other reports for finance leaders, including the 2021 Accounts Payable Spend Management Global Survey.

Resources for AP professionals

Best practices, tips and tricks, expert advice, and timely insights—we collect, curate, and cultivate them all on behalf of our customers. This knowledge is then shared through a range of ebooks, infographics, articles, how-to videos, webinars, and more.

If you’re in Accounts Payable or know someone who is, these three resources are a great place to start:

Another popular resource is our SAP Concur Community, where Canadian and global business peers connect with each other, share best practices, and join in discussions with our SAP Concur solution experts on a variety of spend management topics. Membership is free!

Thought-leadership webinars and events

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out in accounts payable or have already earned your place as a senior finance leader, personal professional development should be an ongoing endeavour. We regularly facilitate a range of live and on-demand thought leadership webinars, SAP Concur solution demos, and customer events across North America, that will both educate and inspire you in your own career.

See our Events page for a list of upcoming events, including our monthly Concur Invoice virtual solution demos.

Build AP momentum for what’s next

Business has always been about relationships, and at SAP Concur we take those relationships to heart. If you’d like to learn more about how we help your AP team build momentum for what’s next, talk to us today.

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