4 Ways to Boost AP Productivity in a Hybrid Work World

If there’s ever been a time for financial efficiency, it’s yesterday. Here’s a look at what’s working for finance and accounts payable (AP) teams.  

Remote work. Hybrid work. Work-from-home. Return to work. Where work gets done has never been a bigger topic, but is it really the topic we should focus on? 

The reality is where we do work is going to keep changing. And when it comes to managing account payable, those changes have exposed and will continue to expose critical weaknesses in well-worn processes and workflows.  

“We’ve realized not everything has to happen on site. Some things should, but some things can happen offsite, especially when you’re in a nonprofit. But with SAP Concur solutions, the stuff that can happen remotely can be done from anywhere.”  

~Brandon Lewke, Controller, The Tech Interactive  

If you’re using manual, paper-based steps to traffic vendor invoices through approval processes, it’s too easy for important details to get lost and delays to pile on costs. And partially automated business systems still stuck in their silos are not helpful either.  

So, let’s turn our attention away from where we work and towards how we can make accounts payable work better to improve business efficiency. 

Even though you have plenty on your plate, now may be the best time to rethink how you manage spending. So, instead of falling back into old habits, together, let’s find a better way forward.  

Download the eBook, 4 Ways to Boost Productivity in a Hybrid Work World to learn four ways SAP Concur solutions can help you make it happenincluding:  

  • Automated invoice processing, expense reports, and more 
  • Re-examining integration  
  • Closing gaps that can create issues  
  • Making payments part of the process  

Whether you’re just starting to re-think your spending processes or have already taken a first step with Concur Expense, it’s easier to see your invoice spending alongside the rest of your spending, and it’s easier for everyone to do their jobs. 

Download the eBook to learn more.