Taking the Pain out of Travel Expense Management - a Travel Policy Template

Companies need to provide a seamless experience for their road 
warriors who are traversing the globe in search of new clients, attending 
conferences, exploring new business opportunities and checking on projects. 

The goal of automating the T&E function isn’t just to save the company 
time and money, although that is a significant consideration. With policies 
in place, companies can ensure that business travellers are adhering 
to allowances for meals, hotels and other travel-related expenses. 
Companies that establish clear policies for how employees can book and 
pay for travel services — and which vendors to use — can negotiate discounts and 
rewards with hotels, rental car agencies and airlines. 

In addition to the financial benefits of an expense management policy, 
employee satisfaction is also at stake. Creating a realistic travel expense policy that 
is clear, simple and easily accessible makes employees happy. A quick and 
hassle-free travel expense management process reduces traveller stress, 
enabling them to focus on the purpose of their trip.