6th Annual Global Small to Midsize Business Travellers Research Report

travel for small businesses

SAP Concur's latest research surveyed 1,595 business travelers from small to midsize companies across six global markets, revealing that 90% of these travellers have experienced reductions in flexible travel options.

Reductions in Business Travel Flexibilities

  • 28% of business travellers have seen cuts to being allowed to pay more for a non-stop or direct flight
  • 64% have seen an increased focus this year on requiring pre-travel approvals
  • 26% have experienced a cutback in the opportunity to work remotely while traveling for pleasure to avoid taking leave

Travel Disruptions & Booking Buffers

These cutbacks impact work-life balance, comfort, and navigating complex travel environments. However, changes in company policies are not the only challenges - 88% of travellers have had to adjust plans due to delays, cancellations, or unforeseen events during business trips.

  • These disruptions have led 80% to proactively book extra time in their travel itinerary to manage potential setbacks.
  • 80% to proactively book extra time – or “booking buffers” in their travel itinerary to manage potential setbacks.
  • More than a quarter of travellers (28%) would decline a trip due to the likelihood of it being impacted by delays or cancellations.

Travellers Open to AI, but with Training

As small to midsize companies adjust strategies to meet traveller expectations while managing budgets, 94% of travellers are open to using AI-powered automation for travel booking. However, 90% feel they need additional training and assurance regarding potential bias or compliance issues associated with this technology.

For more detailed insights, download the full report.