On-Demand Webinar | Controlling Spend with a Remote Workforce

Has the unexpected transition of your employees to a remote workforce made it more difficult for your finance team to see and control spend?

Are you struggling to reinforce compliance and worried how it may compromise your cash flow during this critical time

Discover how Concur Expense can automate and integrate all of the steps it takes to manage spend with a remote workforce.

Hosted by Brian Veloso, Managing Director of SAP Concur Canada, with our special customer guest, Tasha Anglin, Accounting Team Lead, Baylis Medical, the webinar explored:

  1. Top challenges facing finance teams in tracking and controlling employee spend during the ‘new normal’
  2. Key features of Concur Expense that will help you better control costs and keep cash flowing while reducing manual effort and corporate risk
  3. Importance of having a remote employee expense policy

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