How IT executives lead digital transformation to drive efficiency

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As many organizations deal with fragmented operations – requiring major changes specifically to IT operations and infrastructure – their technology leaders must adopt and integrate new technologies to meet internal goals and keep up with competitors. What tools are the most successful organizations adopting and how are IT executives making the most of those technologies?  

Oxford Economics and SAP Concur surveyed 680 IT executives worldwide at organizations with more than 1,000 employees to find out the answers. Example key takeaways include: 

  • 68% of IT executives agree that the pace of digital transformation is speeding up and two-thirds of them say their roles have grown in importance in setting overall company strategy.  

  • Today’s digital transformation is focused on the changing workforce and the use of intelligent technologies such as AI and advanced automation. In fact, 68% of IT executives have been using advanced automation to increase IT department’s overall efficiency.  

  • Those leaders who are already using intelligent technologies are more likely to have a detailed, adopted strategy in place, customize the technology to meet their specific needs, and integrate platforms to see the greatest productivity and efficiency gains.  

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