The Automated Advantage: Unlocking Business Benefits Through AP Automation

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Only 10% of businesses have fully automated their accounts payable (AP) processes, which means most businesses aren’t fully taking advantage of the visibility, control, and savings that AP automation affords. And while it’s not uncommon for most AP processes to be heavily manual, it’s certainly a major organizational disadvantage. Between better visibility into spend, more time back in the workday, fewer errors and costly mistakes, and empowered employees, the benefits of AP automation far outweigh the time and monetary costs to automate processes and effectively drive change across your organization.

In this episode of the SAP Concur Conversations podcast, Grace Swain, Senior Consultant at TCG Consulting, shares how, where, and why to start automating your AP processes, what the journey to full automation entails, tips for driving change across your organization, and the benefits AP automation brings to your business.