Infographic: Importance of Finance and IT Working Together

The critical need for Finance and IT Leaders to partner for success in the new world of work

As organizations face the post-pandemic era, they are grappling with big changes to their operations and processes, while strategizing for future success. Finance and IT leaders are uniquely positioned to work together to help their organizations build the infrastructure needed to succeed in an ever-more connected world. According to recent Oxford Economics research, this is the great opportunity and challenge facing IT and finance executives today.

View the infographic to get an overview of the research findings from a recent survey Oxford Economics and the SAP Concur business unit of SAP conducted with 500 finance and IT leaders at companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. Their research, which spanned seven countries including the US, uncovered key takeaways for both IT and finance leaders such as:

  • 47% of survey respondents agree the pandemic’s effects highlighted inefficient business processes
  • 53% of survey respondents agree the pace of digital transformation at their organization is speeding up
  • Only about 1/3 of finance executives say they have a unified strategy with IT to support business expansion

View the full infographic, Finance and IT Working Together—The Critical Need to Partner for Success in he New World of Work to get an overview of the global research findings as well as results from their analysis of IT and finance leaders from Canada.

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