3 Ways to Up Your Expense Management Game By Leveraging Your Technology

Expense management technology

Meet the Challenges of the New Normal

High-performance businesses are able to be more efficient and are more likely to leverage spend data to manage cashflow. These organizations see better business outcomes:

• +26% productivity over the past 2 years vs. -1.7%

• +24% profitability over the past 2 years vs. -2.4%

• +17% faster cash-to-cash cycle vs 2.1%

You know that automating processes of expense management saves time and money and gives you more control over employee spend and cashflow. But do you know if you’re leveraging technology and taking advantage of everything it has to offer? To help you answer that question, Aberdeen conducted two surveys of businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees and broke out the top 20% of respondents based on performance. The research presented some interesting findings and what we learned were three ways you can extend the way you manage your company expenses and vendor invoices management into a competitive advantage to improve business outcomes today and tomorrow.