Little Things That Can Keep Your Hybrid Remote Workplace Humming

Better hybrid work

There are plenty of ups, downs, and sideways turns that come with running a business, including managing a workforce.

The major rise of hybrid remote work permanently shifted a large percentage of the workforce to working remotely either full-time or part-time. Employees love the flexibility that “working from anywhere” provides,

“in fact, 66% say they’d even take a lower salary if it meant they could work from anywhere.”1

As businesses realize the difference in employee experience expectations between in-office and remote work, companies have started optimizing their infrastructure to better support remote workers. Even with a few years of practice and lots of trial and error, companies and workers still need to iterate on ways to increase or maintain efficiency and customer satisfaction while operating disparately.

Download this tip sheet for six little things that finance, HR, and IT leaders can do to keep their hybrid remote workplaces humming and make sure their organizations are ready for anything that may happen in the future.

1 SAP Concur, “‘Work from Anywhere,’ The Employee Benefit and Its Implications for Business,” 2023.