4 Tips to Re-establishing Travel

Travel is taking off again, and businesses are getting ready. As you’re re-establishing your travel program, the new realities of travel demand renewed energy and creativity from travel managers.

Flexibility is the name of the game, and bold travel programs will lead the way.  Giant steps in new directions will deliver sustained success.

Tip 1 – Embrace a traveler management mindset

  • 72 % of corporate of corporate travelers' rank flexibility as the top driver for business travel, well ahead of vaccination-related demands, at 62%

Tip 2 – Shift from duty of care to duty of caring

  • (80%) business travelers worry that the inability to increase business travel will affect them personally.

Tip 3 – Recommit to a task-force mindset

  • 90% of travelers expect their company to provide benefits to ensure their health and safety while traveling

Tip 4 – Dive into sustainability

  • 69% of travel managers say they’ve made updates to have a greater focus on sustainability

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