Leveraging Concur Expense Reporting for Fiscal Close

How to use Concur Expense Reporting

As a Concur® Expense user, you know how important spend visibility is to managing your business. But are you maximizing the insights you can glean from your data?

Concur Expense comes with turnkey reports and ready-to-go dashboards you can use to dig deeper into your spend data to see where your spending is trending, where you can save, and how you should adjust your forecasts. From basic overviews to in-depth supplier analysis, Concur Expense can help you know exactly what’s happening now so you can be ready to adapt to whatever comes next.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • What reports are available in Concur Expense and what they cover
  • Why these reports are so powerful
  • How to use the Concur Expense reports and dashboards in your company’s ongoing reporting efforts and in preparing for your fiscal year-end