Juggling Business Travel Compliance and Flexibility

Travel manager simplifying corporate compliance

Travellers’ desire to travel on their terms often competes with company expectations for controlling costs in a compacting economy and a company’s commitments to safety and sustainability.

It’s a balancing act and it typically falls to travel managers.

So how do travel managers provide companies control over travel when employees are increasingly empowered to make their own choices? How do you manage it all when 91% of corporate travellers expect to be allowed to go beyond company policy for safety, sustainability, and work-life-balance – or decline the trip altogether?

Technology. With the right tools, you can give your business compliance and complete visibility – while giving travellers the flexibility to design their own trips. And when those tools are part of platform that’s ready for anything, you can be ready for everyone’s demands.

Download the tip sheet for six key capabilities the solution you choose needs to have.