A Guide to Reinventing T&E Management with SAP Concur Solutions

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Like everything else, business travel and expense management were forever changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, organizations are regaining momentum and opportunities to move forward are emerging. Organizations are setting into new spending patterns and the number of considerations has increased:  

  • Duty of care is a top priority 

  • New forms of digital payment are on the rise 

  • Supply chains continue to be disrupted 

  • Regulatory and tax is continually in flux 

  • Sustainability is a must 

Businesses will need to become more mature in their travel and expense management to stay on top of compliance, spend control, and the employee experience. This ebook discusses how, as an SAP Concur customer, you can move your organization towards greater efficiency, cost reduction, and actualize ROI in the later stages of travel and expense maturity. We also highlight solutions to assist you in successfully making the leap. Download it today.