The Benefits of Integrating Your Spend Management Solution with ERP

ERP and spend management integration

Finance leaders have always been viewed as the economic guardians of the organization. However, the role has evolved. They are now more likely to be seen across the organization as strategic partners, with 40% driving new business models and revising strategy holistically. They are expected to understand the numbers, and the story behind them to help write the next chapter for their organization. 

They must act fast to develop this capability. The data to support those decisions has to be current, available, and all in one place.

At the Same Time, IT Leadership has Evolved

Digital transformation has become a vital source of competitive advantage throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, IT leaders are thinking strategically about adding value. They are working with other functions to facilitate transformation, reinvent processes, and reduce friction while focusing on improving security and protecting data. IT leaders need to evolve now, before it’s too late.

These scenarios are playing out in organizations worldwide. Finance and IT leaders are expected to  be material players in moving their organizations forward. They rely on data to make timely decisions but all too often, the data is not available in one place. Integrating your spend management solution with ERP and financial systems is a good place to start. 

Download this guide to discover how finance and IT leaders can benefit from integration to have better visibility, productivity, and simplicity.