4 Ways to Optimize Finance Productivity

finance productivity

A look at how SAP Concur solutions help finance reach its full potential

Businesses are trying to move forward and thrive amid uncertain business conditions caused by persistent high inflation, talent scarcity, and continued global supply chain chaos, all while defining what the new world of work should look like. Gone are the assumptions of 9-5 schedules and five days a week at a desk. Instead, new technologies and new employee expectations have changed how, when, and where work is done, with remote or hybrid work quickly becoming the new standard.

As businesses reevaluate what work means — and how they’ll provide the employee experience required to attract and retain workers — every aspect of their business is and should be on the table for discussion. That’s where finance departments come in, as they interact with every part of the business and are crucial for business success.

The more your organization focuses on improving finance productivity, the better positioned it will be to meet changing employee needs and weather unexpected conditions that may come, such as a spike in sales or supply chain disruption. In addition, productivity gains in the finance department can help overcome finance talent shortages, allowing the finance team to continue to serve the rest of the business, or scale it without impacting operations or the overall employee experience.

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