4 ways HR can drive employee engagement and productivity

As an HR leader, you can energize the entire workforce with the right travel, expense, and AP technology.

No one builds a career on the little things. But it’s the little things – like finding a cheaper flight ticket and figuring out if you can expense last night’s appetizer tray – that get in the way of the high-value work employees want to do. It’s the little things – like confusing travel and expense policies and slow reimbursements – that rode employee morale and satisfaction. And when those little things add up, productivity goes down and engagement goes out the window.


As an HR leader, you hired the best employees and now let them be their best. With the right travel, expense, and AP technology, you can energize the entire workforce. In this brief ebook, we shared 4 ways that you can drive productivity and engagement:

  1. Let intelligent technology take on expenses so your employees can focus on high-value work.
  2. Offer immediate answers and support to expense questions so employees can keep updated with the latest policies and stay compliant.
  3. Take the troubles out of travel booking by giving them a simple, consumer-like booking tool.
  4. Prove that safety and sustainability are your priorities, too.


Download the brief ebook to learn how you help employees and the company drive engagement and productivity by ditching low-value tasks.