Implementation Guide: What to expect when implementing SAP... PREMIUM
Each year, we help hundreds of Canadian businesses—of all sizes—get up and running with the latest SAP Concur expense, invoice and travel management solutions. Although each of these companies may be unique, they all embark upon a similar implementation journey with common needs, expectations and desired outcomes. Learn about how we can support your company with our 3-step SAP...
Digitize your T&E to run more efficiently: A checklist for... PREMIUM
What could you achieve with a faster expense reporting process? The digital era has changed modern finance. Today’s modern finance leader needs to not only offer T&E tools employees want to use, but also get big-picture data analytics to successfully improve the bottom line. Discover how you can cut staff time...
More savings and reduced risk when ERP meets T&E
The digital economy connects individuals, industries and information – and can potentially improve how work gets done – but the moving parts need to be connected. As a financial leader and SAP customer, you can take command with Concur’s T&E that directly synchs with your ERP platform. In fact, as the world’s leading T&E technology...
The True Cost of an Invoice Solution - How cloud automation...
Managing cash flow with manual invoice processing is draining your business of time, money and resources. Spreadsheets, multiple data entries, lost emails, piles of paper, unclear approval processes—they all get in the way of having good data.   Fortunately, there’s a better way to manage invoices that allows your business to spend less time processing data and more...
Taking the Pain out of Accounts Payable Management - An... PREMIUM
It can be intimidating to rework an out-of-date invoice policy or create one for the first time. This whitepaper makes it easy, with tips on the important things to think about and an example that clearly shows how to do it. Creating a policy on managing, storing and retaining documentation can be time-consuming, but in the absence of a policy, organizations are in the wilderness...
Case Study: Morling & Co/Concur Advisor Program
Learn how one Advisor has had "game-changing" results implementing Concur for both the firm and their clients.
Canadian Tax Overview
Tax Overview for Canada
TripIt for Canada
Concur automatically delivers all relevant content for authorized travelers – like flight, hotel and rental car information – and synchronizes with TripIt.
Concur Expense - French Canadian
Concur Expense - French Canadian
Concur Travel & Expense - French Canadian
Concur Travel & Expense - French Canadian