What Does SAP Concur Do?

What does SAP Concur Do?  If you’re part of a finance team, you probably know the name SAP Concur.  It’s the world’s leading brand for integrated expense, travel and invoice management solutions.

But do you know what SAP Concur solutions could do for you?  Our technologies eliminate mundane, time-consuming tasks by simplifying finance processes.  So, no more manual auditing of incomplete expense claims, lost time chasing down missing receipts, or costly vendor late payment fees.

SAP Concur solutions will also give you near real-time visibility into your spend for faster data-driven decisions and make it easier to manage policy, risk and compliance.  Your employees, in turn, will be able to focus on more important things such as developing strategies that will help your business succeed.

This is why over 48,000 companies and 60 million end-users in over 150 countries choose SAP Concur solutions for automated spend management.  By driving increased efficiency from start to finish, protecting you from potential fraud and risks, and delivering an improved employee experience, SAP Concur solutions can help your business run better, too.

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