On-demand Webcast | Building an agile finance team

What is your definition of having an agile approach to finance and is your team able to deliver on it?


In our April webcast, Brian Veloso (Managing Director, SAP Concur Canada) spoke with special guest Adil Bahir, Senior Manager of Accounting Infrastructure Services at Deloitte, on what financial agility really means. Spoiler alert: it’s about more than just speed.


During the discussion, Mr. Bahir revealed that the top barrier to agility is out-dated processes that have not been streamlined and that demand an unproductive focus on transactional tasks. It’s a barrier many Canadian businesses have become all too familiar with during these challenging times.


In fact, a recent SAP Concur study revealed that:

72% of CFOs say that their finance teams spend more time chasing expense reports than actually analyzing expense trends and looking for areas of improvement.


To increase agility, Mr. Bahir advises, businesses can no longer afford to delay digital transformation. Advances in AI automation are accelerating and bringing significant competitive advantages to those companies that are evolving with them:

“In the spend management space it’s about fraud detection, enhanced controllership, adherence to existing policies, and deriving insights quickly in a way that was not possible before.”


To hear more insights that can help you navigate toward greater finance agility for your team and company, watch the full webinar on-demand:

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