Haven’t fully digitized your spend? It’s time for SAP Concur solutions

For businesses around the world, the pandemic laid bare the risks of relying on manual expense, travel, and invoice management processes. Even those companies with partial automation found themselves challenged to maintain visibility and control over costs as their entire employee base shifted to remote work, essentially overnight.

Here in Canada, the impact was even more significant. In a May 2021 report:


43% of Canadian business leaders say a lack of visibility into spending is a top challenge resulting from their recent operational changes, versus 30% globally.*


Not all Canadian businesses, however, are feeling that strain.


Those companies with SAP Concur solutions were able to maintain their business agility and resilience thanks to having fully automated, cloud-based spend management processes.


"Luckily for Olympia, we met SAP Concur’s team prior to the pandemic. We started off using the Concur Invoice platform, and because that created such phenomenal benefits for us, about a year ago we started the Concur Expense platform and kicked that off as well… And financial services teams are in the best possible position ever to provide this to their business partners. If, and only if, they are able to adapt quickly enough."

Gerhard Barnard, CFO & Vice-President of Finance, Olympia Financial Group


Of course, having the right technologies is only part of the equation.
These best-in-class businesses also relay on having a dedicated, future-focused partner with the proven expertise, reliability, results they trust.


"SAP Concur is well renowned and was rated as #1 so it was easy for us to make the decision… They are phenomenal, they’re always there to support you, they’re always there to help you troubleshoot or provide you with solutions."

Tasha Anglin, Accounting Team Lead, Baylis Medical


If these customer comments have you feeling like your business has fallen behind, rest assured you’re not an outlier.


In the same global report*, only 40% of Canadian respondents say they have the right systems in place to adapt quickly to changing business needs, and only 58% say they can run their business remotely whether employees are in the office or not—both factors that were critical to resilience over the past year.


So how can you accelerate your expense, travel, and invoice management digitization?

In it, you’ll hear directly from some of our Canadian customers about the benefits of fully digitizing your spend management, and how partnering with SAP Concur can help increase your business resilience.

Afterwards, reach out to our team to take the first step in accelerating your digital transformation.

It’s easier than you may think. We’ll show you how.

It’s easier than you may think. We’ll show you how.

Leadership in a new era: How finance and IT leaders are guiding post-pandemic strategy, Oxford Economics, May 2021


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