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Expense form D-Day: Dec. 20

By Emily Jackson, reporter Toronto Star

Published on Wednesday December 14, 2011

Planning to attack the pile of expense forms on your desk before you sneak off for the holidays?

December 20th is the world’s busiest day for submitting expense claims as employees rush to get their money reimbursed before the expensive festive season, according to an analysis by Concur, a web-based expense tracking company.

It’s not just employees trying to recoup pennies to pay off their holiday credit card bills, explained Scott Newell, senior director of Concur Canada.

Accounting departments, especially for companies with a Dec. 31 year end, hurry to include staff expenses in their yearly reporting.

“There are obviously a lot of people trying to wrap stuff up before the holidays,” Newell said.

Using expense data for more than 10,000 clients worldwide, with 300 in Canada, Concur has seen the December 20th spike over time, Newell said.

While the number of claims jumps by 138 per cent globally on expense D-Day, in Canada it skyrockets 210 per cent.

Canadians take a little bit more vacation in the week between Christmas and New Year’s than our neighbours to the south, Newell said as a possible explanation.

“Canadians hold the holiday season a little bit more sacred,” he said. “I think there’s more urgency to get those reports in.”