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Could it be the poutine?

Montreal was No. 9 on the list of cities most visited by business travellers in 2011, according to a company that helps crunch the expense reports of roaming employees.

The most visited international city was London, followed by Shanghai, Singapore, Beijing and Toronto. Montreal ranked higher than Mexico City (10), Sydney, Australia (14), Calgary, (16) and Mumbai, India (20).

Washington-based Concur says it did a representational analysis of more than 500 million expense line items from its corporate clients to reveal where and on what the corporate travel dollars were spent.

The report analyzed travel and entertainment expenditures totalling about $50 billion, the firm said Wednesday.

Global average airfare – the category with the largest percentage increase in 2011 – rose by an average of $21.74 per trip or about 5 per cent compared to 2010.

Spending attributed to dining was down globally by an average of 1 per cent.

Tokyo, Japan was the most expensive city in the world for business travellers in 2011, according to Concur, a provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions including smartphone applications.

Four of the world’s most expensive cities for business travellers were in Australia — Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, the report said.