Concur is an SAP Company

Concur Makes it Easy to Manage Expense Claims

Concur makes the expense claim process easy with one Web-based and mobile solution for you and your business travellers.

Control your business expense claims

Concur can be tailored specifically to your expense claim requirements and makes it easy to incorporate your internal policy. With Concur it is easy to:

  • Create and submit accurate, in-policy expense reports
  • Review, approve, process and audit expense reports

Submit expenses easily

Concur makes it easy to enter and manage your business expenses, from a single Web application or from the convenience of your smartphone. It helps you reduce the time it takes to process, approve and then reimburse the expense report.

Credit card charges automatically pre-populate the expense report. This practically removes the need for you to manually enter data. Expenses are easy to add, amend and delete. It is also easy to attach your receipts to an expense report.

Integrate credit card data

Concur integrates data from your corporate credit card supplier. Once imported, this data is reconciled against what is claimed, and checked. The system will automatically pay your corporate credit card supplier once the expense has been authorised helping you manage payments with tight control.

Concur gives you more control over your corporate credit card programme; credit cards can be paid on time, and with better information, better deals can be negotiated.

Integrate digital receipt data

Concur integrates data from e-receipts provided directly from travel suppliers. The electronic receipts sent by Concur partners automatically integrate in to the Concur solution. This enables you to minimise keystrokes while capturing the detailed information you require to better understand the spending that occurs. This data is associated to the expense claim and then reconciled against what is claimed.

The ability to capture and manage receipts electronically helps to maximise the VAT reclaim process. This helps you save time and increase efficiency when identifying potential VAT eligible expenses.

Integrate e-receipts

Concur automatically imports e-receipts provided by suppliers in the Concur Connect programme. This data is reconciled against what is claimed on the expense report.

Integrate your expense policy

Concur incorporates your travel and expense policy so you can see immediately whether the money you spend on expenses is inside or outside your policy.

Authorise submitted expense reports

Managers can easily review and approve claims, while the back office can process and audit expense claims.

Pay expenses quicker

With Concur’s solution you can manage payments with tight control, this allows you to reimburse employees faster and with greater accuracy. Automatic corporate credit card remittance helps encourage employees to adopt your corporate credit card.

Keep control of expenses

As Concur keeps all the travel and expense information together in one place, it is easy to keep track of expenses. This gives you access to the following data (and more):

  • Expenses incurred by employee
  • Expenses incurred as part of a project
  • Expenses incurred by client
  • Overall spend for a type of expense
  • Overall spend on expenses

Want a travel booking solution too?

Expense reporting together with Concur’s travel booking tool gives you one complete end-to-end travel and expense solution.

Flexible Implementation

Concur offers a range implementation options depending on your organisation’s requirements.

Want a solution for your mobile device?

View, add, amend or delete expenses using your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or BlackBerry. Concur’s mobile application is available at no extra cost.